vake residence

Vake Residence is a full-service residential tower that consists of 15 floors; the first floor is an underground garage, the first floor is a commercial area that has all the services you are looking for, and there are 14 floors of residential apartments. In addition to the diverse internal infrastructure provided on the territory of the residential complex, the new residents will have access to an extensive list of services for nearby facilities. 

The project is in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. During your walk in the city, you will come across over-renovated and hyper-modern buildings but you will also find yourself in a warren of backstreets surrounded by ramshackle buildings that are beautiful in their own unique way.


• Underground garage.

• Swimming pool and spa.

• Fitness center.

• Conference Room.

• Five elevators to serve all units.

• Restaurants, cafes and parks.

• Gym.

• Fire safety system (FSS).

• An additional 24-hour power source for the elevator and public areas.

• The possibility of renting units with a high investment return.

• Aqua Park, yacht club and cinema.

• 24-hour security and video surveillance.

• Facilities for kids.

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