permanent residence in georgia

Who is Eligible for Permanent Residence in Georgia?

Wonder Who is Eligible for Permanent Residence in Georgia? Permanent Residence means you can live and work in Tbilisi indefinitely, even if your country of origin no longer exists. In other words, if you came to solicit as a child and have lived here most of your life, then you are a citizen and can apply to become a citizen too. To learn more about permanent residency insoles and how to apply, read on!

permanent residence in georgia

A permanent residence permit is issued to a spouse, parents, and children of a citizen of Georgia and a foreign citizen who has lived in Georgia during the preceding six years based on a temporary residence permit. This definition does not include the time spent in Georgia for educational or medical purposes and works in diplomatic or other analogous positions.

Documents required for permanent residence in georgia :

To issue a permanent residence permit to a spouse, parent(s), and child (children) of a citizen of Georgia:

  1. Utilization of a standard format;
  2. Copy of a passport;
  3. Copy of a paper verifying Georgia residency
  4. A document that certifies kinship;
  5. The document attesting to the foreigner’s or Georgian national’s or relative’s legitimate source of income. A certificate verifying the receipt of a social pension or social assistance is sufficient for a Georgian citizen of retirement age or a social assistance recipient. A foreigner’s bank account balance may also be considered income.
  6. Photo (3×4 in size);
  7. A receipt attests that the service cost has been paid.

To issue a permanent residence permit to a foreigner living in Georgia for the preceding six years based on a temporary residence permit:

  • Utilization of a standard format;
  • Copy of a foreign travel document;
  • Document proving six years of lawful stay in Georgia based on a temporary residence permit (a copy of the temporary residence card/resident permit in Georgia);
  • The document attesting to the lawful income of the foreigner or/and a Georgian national or their family with a Georgian residency permit and their relationship. A document verifying the receipt of a social pension or social assistance is sufficient for a Georgia resident who has reached retirement age or is a social assistance recipient. The income may also be the amount in a foreigner’s bank account;
  • Photo (three-quarters of an inch); Receipt proving payment of the service charge.

Is Having permanent residence in georgia worth the Cost?

Many nations may get a 365-day visa upon arrival in Georgia, so you may question why you need a resident permit. There are several explanations:

  • The right to stay: You do not need to enter the border to renew your permit. During COVID-19, however, we learned that many foreigners who had depended on visa runs for years could no longer do so and were locked in the country illegally.
  • Visa runs will eventually end: Not only might visa runs be troublesome, such as during COVID-19, but Georgia’s particularly flexible visa is not expected to endure indefinitely. At some time in this decade, 90 days in 180 is likely to go into effect, and we may not have much notice. Therefore, if you have not yet made efforts to qualify for residence, you may not be able to do so at the eleventh hour. Notably, this might make it very hard to retain tax residence (where 183 days in a calendar year are necessary), meaning people with high tax rates in Georgia would no longer qualify. Their tax residency could return to their place of origin.
  • The first requirement for permanent residence and citizenship. If you want to make Georgia your permanent residence, you must maintain ten years of unbroken occupancy. However, there are additional ways to get permanent residence before ten years.
  • Conveniences featuring both private and public services. From online access to government and notary services to improved and more streamlined treatment with banks, utility providers, and more, having an ID card improves administration in this regard.
  • You are displaying Georgia as your legal residence. Suppose you are from a nation that does not have a double taxation agreement with Georgia, such as the United States, Australia, or South Africa. Legal residence and tax residency are necessary to establish Georgia as your home and decrease or eliminate taxes from other nations.
  • Essential for certain services. To apply for a visa through the UK visa office in Georgia, you must be a Georgia resident or citizen. Otherwise, you would have to return to your place of origin. There may be other restricted advantages.
  • We realized in 2022 that the only way to get a COVID vaccination was a resident. Georgia residents could get vaccinations from the beginning of the vaccine’s distribution. The possibility for non-residents to get vaccinations was introduced, but only for individuals who had been in the country for at least three months since their last arrival.

Residence Permit for family reunification

The family reunification residence permit is provided to the family members of a foreigner who already has a residence permit in Georgia or a Georgian citizen’s family member. A family member is a parent for a minor, a minor kid for an adult, and a spouse. The applicant’s “sponsor” would be who already holds permanent residency or citizenship.

To get a residence visa for a family reunion, the foreign applicant must provide the Agency with the following documents:

  • Copy of the applicant’s travel document (usually a passport). On occasion, a translated version of the first application is requested;
  • Copy of a document attesting to the applicant’s legal status in Georgia (valid for at least 40 days);
  • A document establishing the connection (marriage or birth certificate, for example);
  • Evidence of adequate cash or revenue. Either the sponsor or applicant must present proof (such as a work contract) that they have a monthly income of at least 500 GEL for the duration of the visa.
  • OR the applicant may demonstrate that they have a Georgian bank account with a total balance above 500 GEL multiplied by the number of months of the period of the permit (thus, for 12-month permission, a Georgian bank account in their name with at least 6,000 GEL);
  • One-quarter-sized photo of the applicant; Receipt proving payment of the service costs.
  • Initial candidates for a family reunification residence permit must be physically present in Georgia. However, if they request to renew an existing residence permit, they may apply online from overseas.
  • Note: If your residence permit is valid for less than six months, you may not be eligible to sponsor a family member.

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