Georgian passport

Georgian passport rank & how to get it

Getting a Georgian passport is a good idea; Georgia is a modern and rapidly rising nation with a rich history and traditions, stunning natural beauty, delicious food, cheap taxes, a low crime rate, and a reasonable standard of life. Georgia provides investors, property owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees, family members visas, residence permits, and tax resident status with a road to citizenship.

Georgian: an overview

The Republic of Georgia is situated in Eurasia and is one of the smallest nations in Asia, with an area of 69,490 km2. It is one of the smallest countries in the world. The nation is distinguished by its primarily mild temperature and hilly landscape, interspersed with coastal lowlands. Georgia has a total population of 3.7 million people, with Tbilisi, the capital, being the most populated of the country’s cities. Historical traditions inspire Georgian culture, and it is defined by a mix of cultures in most regions of the nation. Georgian is the country’s official language and the majority speaks it of the population. A developed economy with a gross domestic output of around $16 billion US dollars, the country’s official currency is the Georgian lari. The service, industrial, and agricultural sectors contribute significantly to the country’s gross domestic product. Georgia is distinguished by a diverse range of cultural and natural attractions, as seen by its four UNESCO World Heritage sites, which are visited by more than 8 million visitors each year and spread across the country.

Georgian passport rank

Because of the agreement between the European Union and Georgia, a Georgian citizen can now travel to many countries, including Malaysia, Latin America, Indonesia, and others, without needing a visa. In addition, any citizen can apply for Georgian citizenship if they are related to someone already a citizen of the country, which is a significant advantage.

Once you have obtained your Georgian citizenship, you will be able to apply for a Georgian passport. This section will go through the many avenues via which you may get your Georgian citizenship and how to do so.

Concerning the Georgian passport, it is currently ranked 56th globally, according to the Reach Immigration Passport Index, and provides access to 116 destinations around the world. It is considered one of the most desirable passports because it provides the most significant mobility between various destinations.

What are Georgia visa-free countries?

Citizens with Georgian passports can travel to 77 countries visa-free, without the need for a visa. Turkey, Cyprus, Moldova, and Iran are among the countries that do not need a visa for Georgia passport holders. According to the Visa List Index 2022, the Georgian passport is rated number 103.

How to get a Georgian passport?

Do you wonder what the procedure for obtaining a Georgian passport is?

Small and positioned east of Turkey, Georgia is a landlocked state in the Caucasus Mountains. As a non-EU nation, Georgians can visit the EU for 90 days in 180 days. Investing 115,000 USD in a Georgian company will get you a one-year work permit. After six years in Georgia, a person may apply for permanent residency. After five years of residency in Georgia, one may apply for naturalization as a Georgian citizen. If the investor has made a substantial contribution to Georgia, they may be eligible for citizenship by investment.

In line with the Georgia Law on Promotion and Guarantees of Investment Activity, foreigners who make investments of at least USD 300,000 in specified sectors of the Georgian economy are granted permanent residence in the country.

Alternative for acquiring a Georgia Investment Residence in Georgia

There are two alternative possibilities for acquiring residence permit in georgia (Permanent Residence Permit) under the new laws on July 2, 2019. The first option is to invest in a business in Georgia, and the second option is to invest in real estate.

It is making a personal investment in real estate; purchasing non-agricultural real estate (land, apartment, commercial space, etc.) in Georgia costs more than USD 300,000 (excluding land and building expenses).

Preparing an appraisal report demonstrating that the property’s current market value exceeds USD 300,000 will be necessary.

The Investment Residence Permit will be provided for five years at the outset. Applicants will be given a Permanent Residence Permit in Georgia if they do not sell their real estate property within five years after being granted the permit.

Making an investment via a Georgian company is the second method of obtaining investment residence.

Applicants will be required to form a business in Georgia and make a total investment of USD 300,000 in or her firm (for example, purchasing real estate, issuing loans, depositing money in the company’s term deposit account, and so on).

It is necessary to create an assessment report demonstrating that the investment amount is more than USD 300,000.

There are no prerequisites for turnovers or other restrictions for this type of Investment Residency program.