georgia visa requirements

What Are the Requirements For a Georgian Visa?

Due to its beautiful atmosphere and comfortable life style. Georgia is getting more popular as a good destination for immigrants and tourists alike. In this article we will discuss Georgia visa requirements.

What are the Georgia visa requirements?

For e-visa applications

To get Georgia online visa and meet georgia visa requirements:

  • It is required that your passport or other travel document be valid for at least three months beyond the expiration date of the Georgia visa that you are applying for, Including at least two pages of vacant space. It must be in excellent shape, it cannot be older than ten years, and it must not have any unapproved insignia.
  • A photograph was taken within the previous six months and is representative of the visa applicant’s current look. It must look squarely into the camera’s lens, and the head’s size should be between 50 and 70 percent of the entire height of the picture, measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin.
  • Full face must be visible. Covering one’s head is permitted exclusively for religious reasons and should in no way obscure or throw shadows on one’s face.
  • Documentation proving the purpose of the trip to Georgia, such as a letter of invitation from a company or group or any other kind of paper that indicates the reason for the trip to the nation.
  • Documentation to support the claim that
  • A copy of the lease agreement, a hotel reservation, or other documentation proving ownership of the property
  • Insurance for both travel and medical expenses
  • Evidence that one has adequate financial resources
  • A bank statement covering the course of the most recent quarter
  • Applicants must provide a letter from their current employer stating their current job and income.
  • A letter from the sponsor that includes all of the sponsor’s contact information, including their complete name, address, and phone number. Additionally, the connection between the applicant and the sponsor, the fees that the sponsor will handle, the location of the visit in Georgia, and the length of time spent there must all be specified.

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How long does it take to get a Georgian visa?

It is the body’s responsibility that grants visas to determine whether or not to grant a visa to an applicant, taking into account the applicant’s supporting documentation and the information gathered from other sources. After an application for a visa has been received, the decision about whether or not to grant a visa is made within the following time limits:

Visa valid for a period of up to ten calendar days

Georgian visa application  visa is made via the e-VISA PORTAL for Georgia e-visa application, the processing time is five business days.

  • Long-term visa — 30 calendar days
  • D5 immigrant visa – 10 calendar days

How much does a Georgia visa cost?

Georgia visa cost e for applications submitted using the e-visa portal is US$20 plus an extra service fee of 2%. After filling out the application form, applicants for sticker visas will be able to view the amount that needs to be paid in either their native currency or in US dollars, as well as the name and number of the bank account where payment should be transferred. This information will be displayed alongside the amount. There is a possibility of extra commission fees being assessed for international transactions. For the process of applying for a visa to go forward, the actual cost of the visa has to be paid. Please be aware that the visa application money is not refundable under any circumstances, regardless of the result of the visa application.

How do I apply for a Georgia online visa?

  • The eVisa for Georgia is an electronic visa created in 2015 by the government of Georgia in order to speed up the process of applying for a visa for the nation and relieve tourists of the need to apply for a visa in person at an embassy or consulate.
  • The Georgia online visa is a multiple entry visa that may be obtained for tourist, business, or transit reasons that only need a brief stay in the country.
  • It is possible to remain in Georgia for 30 days upon each admission for most nations, although some nationalities are allowed to stay for 90 days with each arrival.
  • Eligible passport holders may apply for a Georgia eVisa by filling out the straightforward Georgia online visa application. It can be done in just a few minutes and requires the most basic information about themselves and their passports.
  • An online application for a Georgia visa must be accompanied by the required fee and submitted within a few business days to be processed and sent to the traveler after approval.
  • After having their application for a Georgia visa accepted, the tourist will be able to print an electronic copy of their Georgia visa approval to bring with them when they arrive in Georgia. This will allow them to enter the country more quickly.
  • Suppose you want to visit Georgia for a reason other than tourism or for a more extended period than is allowed with an eVisa. In that case, you need to get in touch with the Georgian embassy or consulate closest to you to get further visa information.

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Georgia eVisa Requirements

To apply for an e-Visa, you must first ensure that you satisfy all of the criteria for a Georgia visa.

According to the criteria for obtaining a Georgia tourist visa online, the applicant must have:

  • A passport that is current and valid for the length of the desired stay in Georgia, or an identification card if the traveler is a citizen of the EU, Switzerland, Turkey, or Ukraine
  • The card may be used to pay the Georgia visa fee online for debit or credit payments.
  • Email address at which you are currently available to get the authorized eVisa
  • Business travelers may be asked to supply some extra supporting papers to complete the online Georgia business visa application criteria.
  • Applicants need to double-check that the passport they use to fill out the electronic application is the same one they will take when they go to Georgia later. To access the nation after arriving at a border control checkpoint, it will be essential to provide both a valid passport and the visa granted.