Georgia citizenship program

Georgia Citizenship Program Guide

In terms of history and culture, Georgia is a treasure trove. Its strategic position in the Caucasus area makes it an excellent site for investors wishing to access both the European and Asian markets. The nation is a free and open democracy that boasts one of the world’s most innovative business and trade systems. Its low tax rates make it simple to establish or expand a company in the country. Furthermore, Georgia’s infrastructure is excellent, making it simple to travel about the town without spending a lot of time walking!

Georgia citizenship program overview

Direct citizenship investment programs are considered one of the immigration portals in general, whereby an investor makes a financial contribution to the economy of a country in exchange for obtaining a permanent residence permit, which eventually leads to the acquisition of citizenship rights or the acquisition of nationality and a passport in that country.

The country of Georgia offers citizenship to investors; after making a donation to the country and following the procedures, you will receive your citizenship, which will grant you many benefits, such as the ability to travel to all Schengen countries without the need for a visa, even though Georgia is not a member of the European Union or the Schengen area at this time.

The procedure for gaining Georgian citizenship by investment is described in detail.

1. The members of the family

Whenever you apply for citizenship in Georgia via investment, you may include in the same application any members of your family (wife and children under the age of 26) who have contributed the same amount of money to the cause.

2. A description of the program

According to the Georgia Citizenship Program, if you make a significant financial contribution to the state, you become eligible for residence and Georgian citizenship. This grants you full citizenship for life for you and any family members who join you in applying for citizenship.

The applying method is straightforward, and it takes just around one month after making a gift and completing all of the necessary application paperwork to complete the process. Furthermore, since there are no assumptions or responsibilities regarding dual citizenship, the applicant can preserve their dual citizenship without being obliged to give up their original nationality.

3. Financial considerations

A gift of 300,000 euros to benefit yourself and your family is required to be granted Georgian citizenship.

Suppose the gift is made in the name of the investor and his family. In that case, you may apply for citizenship at the Immigration Office with all of the supporting documentation confirming that the donation has been transferred to the state treasury.

4. Different modes of transportation

As soon as you gain your Georgian citizenship, you may apply for a Georgian passport, which will allow you to travel to and from any of the 26 EU member states as well as to and from Central American and Asian nations (including Turkey and Colombia), the Bahamas, Ukraine, and Mongolia.

What are the Georgian citizenship requirements?

What are the bare minimum investments you can make to get started?

In the following paragraphs, we will summaries the most prominent approaches you may rely on with your minimal money package. There are a variety of projects and various business areas that you can start with and make a genuine investment in georgia with a small package of money.

1. investment:

A variety of documents must be submitted by foreigners seeking to obtain residence permits in Georgia. For example, some must provide documents demonstrating a cumulative annual sales volume of at least 120,000 USD over five years to obtain the permit. In comparison, others must provide documents demonstrating an investment of at least 300,000 USD in Georgia to obtain the permit.

Real estate is the second option.

2. Real Estate:

Some persons want to acquire real estate to get citizenship; in such circumstances, the applicant must purchase real estate with a market worth of at least $100,000 US dollars (or equivalent).

3. work:

Foreigners may get Georgian citizenship via employment, although this is subject to specific requirements being satisfied by the firm for which they are applying. The company’s turnovers are more than 50,000 GEL per foreigner hired.