famous georgian food

15 Famous Georgian Food You Must Try

Georgian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most underestimated cuisines globally, with influences from Greece, the Mediterranean, Turkey, and Persia.

Appropriately, famous Georgian food is a manifestation of the culture. Warm, gooey comfort foods like Georgian khachapuri  (cheese-stuffed bread) are complemented with matsoni (yogurt). Herbs such as tarragon, flat parsley, dill, and coriander mix with walnuts and garlic to create fillings and sauces with a robust flavor.

famous Georgian food

These are well-known famous Georgian food you can enjoy:

the Khinkali (Georgian Dumplings)

Khinkali, a kind of twisted dough, is often filled with meat and spices, then cooked or steamed and served as an appetizer. The secret to eating khinkali without creating a mess or pouring the boiling liquid all over yourself is to avoid making a mess or spilling the hot broth.

Khinkali is finest eaten with black pepper sprinkled on top and turned upside down while holding the handle. Slurp some of the broth as you eat each piece of food.

Famous Georgian food: preparing the khinkali (Georgian dumplings).

we eventually figured out how to flip and tuck the dough around the meat. As a result, our dumplings held their shape while they cooked, and the soup stayed within. This was a remarkable feat. According to the rumor mill, khinkali-making certification should arrive in the mail soon.

It’s uncommon to see vegetarian khinkali filled with mushrooms and cheese/curd, even though the dish’s traditional meat filling isn’t always accessible.

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Badrijani Night,

Baked eggplant (badrijan) strips, covered with walnut paste, and served on a flat surface Audrey like the combination of sweet and salty flavors in this recipe.



Lobio, a famous Georgian food, is A mixture of refried beans and bean soup. Lobo’s texture and flavor may vary significantly. However, a similarity to Mexican bean meals is often seen as excellent.

Lobio is traditionally served with Machado, and Georgian cornbread, for maximum flavor. 

Gabbai (Kebabs)

Sumac- and onion-sprinkled grilled minced beef in a lavash-like bread wrapper. This was the sole option in several Georgian towns. Surprisingly, we were never dissatisfied with it.


Dolmas, one of the famous Georgian food, is Vegetables or leaves packed with minced meat, herbs, and rice that are steamed, roasted, or cooked. Even though dolmas aren’t often associated with Georgia.


Chakapuli, a Kakheti lamb stew with herbs, is traditionally served throughout the holiday season (e.g., Easter). Veal or lamb is often used in chakapuli, which is also seasoned with onions, tkemali (a kind of sour plum) garlic, and other herbs.

The Mtsvadi (Shashlik, meat skewers)

Salted bits of roasted pork. The best mtsvadi is made with freshly chopped onions stirred over an open flame in a metal bowl. Mtsvadi was the star of an impromptu mountain BBQ. The valued chalahaji (or back meat) is generally only available in small quantities and designed to be divided among the whole party. Audrey discovered this after grabbing the whole skewer for herself in the face of screams of protest, which she had unintentionally done. She then proceeded to talk about it.

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As a famous Georgian food, Satsvi is A thin walnut, garlic, and herb mixture that coats the chicken or turkey before serving. In the Adjara area, satsivi is a popular meal during Christmas and New Year’s Eve since it is considered winter food. 

Svanetian farmers eat mashed potatoes as a staple of their diet. So having a massive platter of it waiting for us when we arrived at our host family’s house in Adishi will always be a memorable experience. 

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The condiments, pastes, and sauces of Georgia

Adjika (Chili Paste)

Adjika, traditional Georgian cuisine a condiment spice paste, is most comparable to a spicy Indian pickle-like paste. Always served with cucumber and tomato salad was adjika.

Tkemali Sauce (Sour Plum Sauce)

As one of the best  Georgian dishes, this sour plum sauce is believed to be a cleanser when taken in modest amounts with cheese, khachapuri, or meat. 


Spinach, walnuts, and garlic are combined to form a paste. Outstanding with tons puri and khachapuri. The fresh, local taste of Khali, which is often served as an appetizer or mezze-style alongside other tiny, tasty meals, made it one of our favorites.

Svaneti salt

The so-called Svaneti salt pairs well with vegetables, cheese, and salad. Made from salt, dried garlic, chili pepper, and a variety of spices and herbs such as fenugreek and coriander, the scent of Svaneti salt will make you feel like you’re approaching Persia or India.

Georgian Sweets

Tatara or Pelamushi

Confection is created from the grape extract that has been cooked and squeezed. It can be consumed as a pudding-like dessert. Churchkhela’s sugary covering consists of the liquid.


Walnut threads soaked in Tatara and dried to form brown, rubbery truncheons. Occasionally known as “Georgian Snickers.” Do not consume the string!


A persimmon-colored fruit approximately the size of a walnut that is juicy. Its black, glossy seeds seem like tiger-eye gems.

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