citizenship by investment options

What is citizenship by Investment options in Georgia?

Are you looking to make a new life in Georgia? Do you know what citizenship by investment options you have? Georgia citizenship by investment is a good option. You’ll want to learn how to invest in the country to help you do that. But before you can do that, you need to know about the country’s stringent immigration laws. 

Georgia citizenship by investment is a good idea 

Georgia citizenship by investment is good, it let you live in a country that:

  • There are plenty of opportunities to invest money in Georgia- high-interest rates on bonds (sometimes as high as 12%) and high yields on rental property.
  • This country is an exciting gateway to Russia, an excellent opportunity to access the Russian market without the dangers you might face in other countries (such as Ukraine). In addition, many people can speak good Russian, so it will be easy to employ people if you want to do business in Russia.
  • Prices are pretty low – food, housing, business costs, etc.
  • It’s straightforward to form companies; it can be done within a couple of days. However, banking is getting more challenging. You can read the article about Georgian banking.

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Details of the program for obtaining Georgian citizenship by investment

1. The family

When applying for Georgian citizenship by investment, you may include your spouse and children under the age of 26 on the same application with the same gift amount.

2. Program description

According to the Georgia Citizenship Program, if you contribute a substantial sum to the state, you become eligible for residence and Georgian citizenship and full citizenship for life for you and your dependents.

After making a gift and completing all needed application materials, the submission process is straightforward and takes around one month. Additionally, there are no presumptions or requirements associated with dual citizenship. Therefore the applicant is not required to renounce his original nationality to keep his dual nationality.

3. Financial terms

To be eligible for Georgian citizenship, you must donate 300,000 euros for yourself and your family.

The sum covers the investor and his family, and with proof that the gift has been sent to the state treasury, you may apply for citizenship at the Immigration Office.

4. Travel options

When a person obtains Georgian citizenship, they may receive a Georgian passport, which allows visa-free travel to Schengen and 26 European nations and countries in Central America, Asia, Turkey, and Colombia. In addition to the Bahamas, Ukraine, and Mongolia.

but maybe you ask: What Minimum citizenship by investment options can you start with?

There are a variety of projects and business areas in which you can begin and make a meaningful investment with a small number of money. In the following paragraphs, we will outline the most prominent methods by which you may leverage your small sum of money.

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citizenship by investment options:

1. Investment permit:

There are several ways for foreigners to receive residence permits in Georgia. For example, some may give evidence of yearly sales volume totaling 120,000 USD over five years to obtain a visa, while others can show that they have invested at least 300,000 USD in the country.

2. Real Estate:

Some individuals will acquire real estate to get citizenship; in such circumstances, the candidate must purchase a property worth $100,000.

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3. Work:

Foreigners may get Georgian citizenship via employment, but only if specific requirements are completed by the firm in which they seek employment, such as a minimum annual revenue of 50,000 GEL per foreign employee.

How to obtain a Georgian passport?

After the agreement between the European Union and Georgia, a Georgian citizen can join the member states of the Schengen area and travel visa-free to a large group of countries, including Malaysia, Latin America, Indonesia, and others. Additionally, any citizen can apply for Georgian citizenship regardless of their relationship with a Georgian citizen.

Once you have Georgian citizenship, you will be able to obtain a Georgian passport. In this section, we will describe the many ways you may obtain Georgian citizenship.

1. Georgian citizenship as an exception:

In this instance, nationality is awarded if it is in the best interest of the state and granted by the President of Georgia. You will need two letters from individuals holding registered Georgian citizenship to apply.

2. Georgian citizenship according to simple procedures:

In this instance, citizenship is granted to the wife of a Georgian citizen who has been in the nation for two years and who is proficient in the Georgian language and the main principles of Georgian law.

3. Georgian citizenship according to the standard procedure:

Possession of a property or work in the state of Georgia, residency for a minimum of six years, competence in the Georgian language, knowledge of the law, and a criminal record free of crimes, penalties, or offenses punishable by law for a minimum of six years comprise the standard process.

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